Wedding Attire

So the big day is over, and life is getting back to normal for you and you’re spouse. Your days are no longer consumed with wedding details, but what do you DO with ALLLLL of those items you painstakingly scoured the Wichita area for, burned your fingers with hot glue for to ensure your beautiful wedding dreams came true? Now all of that hard work sits in a box, in the garage or the basement, just gathering dust. You hate to sell it at garage sale for pennies on the dollar… You could sell it on-line, but who is going to pay $100 to ship 80 mason jars?! You could try Craigslist, but you have to open your home to strangers, or pack up all your items to meet somewhere… Tired yet? 2nd 2 None offers a solution for all these problems!

Brides-to-be don’t want to run all over town, or try on their potential wedding gown in a strangers bathroom! In our store they can view hundreds of gowns in one convenient location and try on dresses in comfortable roomy dressing rooms. We also take credit/debit cards for shoppers convenience You get a return on your investment, a basement free of clutter, and most importantly, your items will be used in another bride’s dream wedding. WIN WIN!

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